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Staying at the Ave Sol Lodge is like “coming back to life.”
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May 17, 2023
Staying at the Ave Sol Lodge is like “coming back to life.”
Tropical Rivers offers various package options. On my latest adventure, I was able to stay at the hotel they have halfway through the rapids called "Ave Sol." I must admit, it's like coming back to life.

Like most people, my life is filled with a busy schedule that sometimes doesn’t even leave time for basic needs. I’m an entrepreneur, a chauffeur for my son, a painter, a writer, and a friend… that defines every minute of my life, which rarely allows me to rest.

When you arrive at “Ave Sol,” all you can hear is the Pacuare River, the birds chirping, the cicadas, the thunder, nature in its full splendor, and everything within you changes. It’s fascinating because being able to connect with nature brings your being back to a central state where everything seems to fall into place. These are the words of a structured engineer who plans everything in time blocks and has little experience with this reality where peace comes from watching the tree leaves dance with the wind and feeling the delightful breeze that promises a night of deep and uninterrupted sleep. When even your face manages to relax and your features are adorned with constant smiles for no reason, you know you’ve come close to heaven, and you don’t want to leave.

Here at “Ave Sol,” I met a young couple from Mexico, who, like me, seek to distance themselves from phones, computers, and stress. The three of us came to the conclusion that these escapes are necessary to survive the overwhelming technological world of today.

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